I’m proud to represent House District 49B, and I hope to continue doing so.  But I also expect that thousands of dollars will be spent by special-interest groups to help my opponent.  I’m determined to run an issue-oriented, grassroots campaign.  I’m going to use every possible channel to communicate my message to the voters in this district.  However, even a grassroots campaign costs money.  I need your help to reach out to voters who don’t know me or what I stand for.

For the two-year period 2015-16, the maximum contribution is $1000 per person ($2000 per married couple).

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.  No contribution is too small.  Every dollar counts!  I assure you that I will use every dime carefully and effectively.

Here are two easy ways to contribute to my re-election campaign.

1.  Contribute online.

Click on the button below, fill in the required information, and you’re done!

2.  Contribute through regular mail.

Make your check out to “Citizens for Rosenthal” and mail it to the campaign at this address:

Citizens for Rosenthal
P. O. Box 24288
Edina, MN  55424-0288